Origin: Kenya
Tasting notes: Blackberry, currant, juicy, kiwi
Produced by: Kavutiri Factory
Region: Embu
Varietal: SL 28, SL 34
Altitude:  1750 masl
Processing: Kenyan processing, double fermentation

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This coffee was grown in Embu region by just under 1000 small farmers from the Murue Farmers Cooperative Society.  It was processed at the Kavutiri Factory, which has become known for producing consistently magnificent coffees.

The processing method for this coffee is a double-fermentation (sometimes called Kenyan fermentation) method invented and made famous by Kenyan “factories” like Kavutiri.  The coffee is first de-pulped and floated in water.  High density beams sink and are saved, and the less dense beans that float are discarded.  The coffee is sent to a primary fermentation tank for 24 hours, then carefully washed, and then sent to a secondary fermentation tank for another 12-24 hours.  Finally, the coffee beans are meticulously washed (yes, again) to remove all remaining mucilage and coffee cherry, while any leftover floating beans continue to be discarded.  What remains are the densest, most meticulously washed beans.  This is an AB grade coffee, which mostly has to do with the size of the beans. 

In the cup you will find a coffee that both shares and defies what we expect from Kenyan coffee.  The mouthfeel is big and creamy, and the overall profile is juicy and very sweet.  We mostly taste blackberry, currant, as well as green fruits like kiwi and Granny Smith.  We get really excited about fresh Kenyan coffees, and we can’t wait to share this one with you!