Origin: Colombia
Tasting notes: Chocolate, cherry, tart fruit
Produced by: 36 small farmers
Region: Garzon, Huila 
Varietal: Caturra mostly
Altitude:  1550 masl
Processing: Fully washed 

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Huila is a beautiful region of Colombia and has a reputation for producing some of the best coffees in Colombia. Lush vegetation, stunning mountainous views, high altitude and magnificent soil – it is perfect for growing coffee. Garzon is a micro region located in the southern portion of Huila.  

This particular lot comes from a group of 36 small farmers averaging six acres each. The farmers select only ripe cherries for processing, and then uniquely allows the coffee cherry to ferment slightly around the seed inside. Thereafter, the seeds go through a typical washing process and in most cases are dried in the sun on patios.

This is a great coffee. It is a prototypical Colombian in some ways, but with special character. There are a lot of micro-flavors in the cup, which elevates its complexity, but mostly we taste chocolate, tart fruit like green apple, with a lot of big cherry notes as well. It is a well-balanced coffee with a pleasantly soft, delicate feel while still being deep and robust. Try it out, you’ll dig it for sure.