Colombia Gaitania

Colombia Gaitania


Origin:               Colombia

Tasting notes:   Raspbrry, apple, juicy, sweet

Produced by:   ASCI’SP Cooperative, Gaitania

Region:            Tolima

Varietal:          Caturra, Typica

Altitude:          1600 masl

Processing:      Fully washed


This is a really wonderful certified organic coffee grown and cultivated by small farmers of the ASCI’SP Cooperative (Asociacion Imdigena de Caficultores Organicos de San Pedro) in Gaitania, which is located within the Tolima region of Colombia. 

The main purpose of the cooperative is to benefit the Nasa We’sx people group; the indigenous people that inhabit the San Pedro vereda, just south of Gaitania.  The farmers grew this coffee at 1600 masl including varietals Caturra and Typica.  The coffee was picked at full ripeness and washed before being dried on raised beds and elevated patios. 

In the cup we taste a pleasant combination of raspberry, peach, apple, some chocolate, with good sweetness and body.

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