Tanzania Karatu


Tanzania Karatu


Origin:             Tanzania

Tasting notes:   Chocolate, plum, orange, bright

Produced by:   Small farmers around Karatu Estate

Region:            Karatu

Varietal:           N39

Altitude:           1750 masl

Processing:       Fully washed


It seems very often Tanzania is forgotten about when it comes to East African coffee.  This is not without reason when considering quality archetypes like Ethiopia and Kenya, but Tanzania continues to remind us it has something special to offer as well.

Karatu coffee estate is locaed in the ring of Ngorongoro crater in Karatu area, about 150 kms North of Arusha.  The coffee is farmed in dark volcanic soil and has ample rainfall and high altitude.  This is a washed process coffee that was pulped, fermented, washed, and then sun dried on drying tables at the estate. 

In the cup we taste quite a variety of delicate fruited notes like strawberry, orange, nectarine, as well as chocolate and good acidity.  A great all-around coffee you should definitely try out!

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