Ethiopia Uraga


Ethiopia Uraga


Origin:              Ethiopia

Tasting notes:   Floral, earl gray, sweet

Produced by:   Small farmers organized around Uraga Mill

Region:            Guji, Oromia

Variety:           Indigenous heirloom

Altitude:          1900-2200 masl

Processing:      Fully washed sun dried


It is our great pleasure to present this fresh crop Ethiopian coffee from the Uraga coffee mill in the Guji, Oromia. It is no secret that this area in Ethiopia produces some of the best coffee the world has to offer, and the Uraga mill has a reputation of honoring the quality of the coffee grown by offering careful washing and sorting practices.

This coffee is fully washed, dried in the sun on raised beds, and meticulously sorted to grade 1 status. The resultant cup is clean and fresh and vibrant, with flavors reminding us of jasmine and other florals, peachy fruits, and sweet butterscotch.

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