PNG Kenale

PNG Kenale


Origin:             Papau New Guinea

Tasting notes:   Chocolate, raisin, blackberry, citrus

Produced by:   Small farmers around Mount Hagen

Region:            Western Highlands, Mount Hagen

Varietal:           Typica

Altitude:           1675 masl

Processing:       Fully washed


This coffee comes to us from small farmers around Mount Hagen in the Western Highlands region of PNG.  Mount Hagen is one of the larger cities in PNG with a population of 46,250.  It is situated nearly 1700 masl, and it is named after an old volcano located a few miles to the Northwest. 

Situated just on the outskirts of Mount Hagen is a coffee washing station called Kenale, which is the primary washing station available to small producers in the area.  The average land size for each coffee farmer is very small, sometimes no larger than a single hectare.  When the coffee cherries arrive at Kenale they are depulped, floated and sorted, washed, then patio dried in the sun.

In the cup we taste well balanced flavors that include chocolate, raisin, blackberry, some light florals, as well as citrus.

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