Honduras Marta Licida Vasquez


Honduras Marta Licida Vasquez


Origin:             Honduras

Tasting notes:   Black cherry, nectarine, creamy

Produced by:   Marta Licida Vasquez

Region:            San Sebastian

Varietal:           Caturra and Catuai

Altitude:           1800 masl

Processing:       Washed


This single farm micolot coffee produced by Marta Licida Vasques on her 15 hectare estate located in San Sebastian district of the Lampira region of Honduras. 

Marta grows this coffee at 1800 masl and the crop is comprised of Catuai and Caturra varieties.  She picks the coffee at full ripeness and completes her own 12hr. wet fermentation process before traditional patio drying.

We are so excited to have this coffee, and so excited to share it with you.  In the cup we taste black cherry, orange, nectarine, and chocolate, and it has a wonderfully creamy quality to it.  Whether you consider yourself a “specialty coffee drinker” or not we think you’ll love this one. 

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