Burundi Nduwayezu

Burundi Nduwayezu


Origin:             Burundi

Tasting notes:    Bright, peach, grapefruit

Produced by:   Nduwayezu

Region:              Ngozi, Buhinyuza District, Muyinga Province

Varietal:           Bourbon

Altitude:           1700 masl

Processing:       Fully washed, sundried on raised beds


Burundi is lesser well known than some other East African countries like Ethiopia and Kenya, but during the last few years coffee from Burundi has begun to develop quite a reputation for quality.  Coffees are often bright and fruit forward, often with good balance and acidity. 

This particular coffee is part of a separated lot from a washing station in called Nduwayezu.  Located in a town called Ngozi, in the Buhinyuza District, Muyinga Province.  Being in Northern Burundi the growing conditions are ideal.  The coffee grows at 1600 MASL where there’s adequate rainfall and climate conditions.  The coffee is grown and picked by small farmers when fully ripe, and is fully washed and dried in the sun on raised beds.

In the cup we taste a bright coffee with well-balanced peach, jasmine, and grapefruit.

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