Rwanda Abateraninkunga

Rwanda Abateraninkunga


Origin:             Rwanda

Tasting notes:    Apricot, peach, orange, complex

Produced by:   Abateraninkunga ba Sholi

Region:              Muhanga District, Southern Rwanda

Varietal:           Bourbon

Altitude:           1800 - 2000 masl

Processing:       Fully washed, sundried on raised beds


This is a Rain Forest Alliance and Fair Trade certified washed coffee from the Abateraninkunga ba Sholi Cooperative in the Muhanga district of the Southern Province of Rwanda. This coop was established in 2008 by 30 women living and growing coffee in the region as a conscious effort to invigorate the local economy. From Kinyarwanda "Abateraninkunga" translates to "mutual assistance" and aimed to include farmers with similar values to join. Today there are 334 producers, 42% of them women, growing coffee at altitudes of 1800-2000 masl. The Coop became Fair Trade certified in 2015 - the same year they won the Rwanda Cup of Excellence Award. At a washing station that the coop owns collectively, individual producers bring their self-cultivated coffees to be washed, processed, and sun-dried.  This particular coffee is very clean, bright, and balanced.  We taste apricot, peach, tangerine, orange, and a host of other juicy fruit notes.

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