Our Philosophy 

The word ponder invokes notions of deep thought, careful consideration, and curiosity. We approach coffee in that same way.  Our practice is to source coffee with an intelligible story wherein people are treated well, and we only do business with specialty coffee importers who share our values. We then roast coffee by developing profiles tailored to each coffee’s individual idiosyncrasies and flavor nuances. So many little things during the roasting process will alter the finished product, and we work really hard to make each coffee shine. In order to fully showcase our coffee we treat the brewing process like a science. Skilled baristas use the best equipment available so each cup is brilliantly nuanced and complex.


About Ponder
Coffee Co. 

Our mission is to offer a memorable craft coffee experience that cultivates thoughtful engagement with the whole story of coffee.

Ponder Coffee Company is a roaster and purveyor of fine specialty coffee, aiming to reclaim the story of coffee by ethically sourcing, artfully roasting, and meticulously crafting memorable coffees. In a world full of mourned and misplaced creativity, where chicken comes from a bucket and low prices matter more than people, our coffee is a kind of small rebellion, a tiny protest to the passive acceptance of detachment and mediocrity. Our unrelenting love for handcrafting incredible coffee compels us to remember that coffee comes from somewhere. Coffee has a story. We want to think differently about coffee – less like a commodity and more like the unfolding story that it is. We think coffee is better and more meaningful that way, and we think you will too. Ponder Coffee is located Mt. Pleasant, MI. Open 7 days a week, we serve coffee & espresso drinks, breakfast & lunch.      


We work with our hands and think about what we do as a form of artistry, thoughtfully and carefully crafting products we are proud to share with you.

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We have great respect for all those involved with the story of coffee and coffee itself, from farmers to cafe employees to customers, respect is a guiding principle in everything we do.


We approach what we do with a certain wonder, a kind of open-mindedness that comes from being mesmerized by the possibility and potential inherent in each coffee we work with.