Mogiana Decaf


Mogiana Decaf


Origin: Brazil
Tasting notes: Graham cracker, nutty, citrus
Produced by: Small farmers
Region: Mogiana
Varietal: Yellow Bourbon, Red Bourbon, Yellow Catuai
Altitude: 1000 – 1300 masl
Processing: Natural, Swiss Water Process Decaffeination 


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This is yet another outstanding decaf coffee coming to us from the Mogiana region of Brazil.  It is a natural process coffee, and thusly exhibits some of the rustic charm often found in lower altitude naturals. What really makes this coffee stand out though is the decaffeination method, called Swiss Water Process.  

The Swiss Water® Process uses pure green coffee extract and proprietary carbon technology to remove caffeine from green coffee beans. Swiss Water® has specified the pore size of the carbon to match the caffeine molecule to ensure only the caffeine is trapped when the caffeine is captured from the green coffee extract. The Swiss Water® Process is certified organic and 100% chemical free. 

This coffee reminds us of graham cracker, with nutty character and mild citrus notes.